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By donating, you're supporting the costs of running this server and maintaining it.
In return, you will be rewarded Cash Points that you may use to purchase items
from our Cash Shop in-game.

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Account Name:ONG KEAN WAI

Account Number:1583-0544-3219

Donations are completly voluntary. No goods will be shipped nor will you be given proof of shipment.
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Donation is a support to our gaming foundation and has no beneficial gains and we are a none-profit foundation.

items will not be returned due to the compromising of an account, whether it be through scamming by another player, downloading a key logger, unauthorized access to your account, or the banning of your account.

items are subject to change at the discretion of the owner or the administrators at any time, with or without warning. By agreeing to these terms you accept that RagofZodiac is not required to reimburse you for the funds used to purchase the changed item.

If you issue a charge back through PayPal or your payment is withdrawn after receiving your credits, your account can and will be banned.